Experiments with a box of light bulbs

The 'good old' light bulb is an power guzzler. That is why I no longer use it for what it’s meant for. So, ... time for some experiments. You will not find an old fashion light bulb in the average DIY store or in the supermarket, but luckily there is something like the internet where they can still be found at various web shops. So I ordered a box of 25.

I can tell you that a lot of glass shards, diabolo pellets and sparks went flying through my studio.

Another challenge was to break the glass of the bulb and still keep the glass interior including the tungsten wire intact. That didn’t go well. After wasting five light bulbs I finally managed to get a few broken as intended.

Only the photos of exploding light bulbs were been made using the Pluto Trigger. The others were good old fashioned manual labor.

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