How to do this,…

One of my favourite types of photography is high-speed photography.

Making shots of colliding water drops, shooting glasses with an air pistol or making paint drops dance. These shots aren’t that simple to make. They require some extra equipment and extra preparation and effort to get the shot right.

On the following pages I will try to explain how I do it. I don’t want to say that my way is the best way to do it but for me it works. I am doing this kind of photography only for a few years now and I’m still learning. I pick up tips and tricks from several websites and simply try how other people do it. Most of the time I make adjustments because what I want to achieve is often not exactly what someone else is doing.

So again, the way I do it is not always the best. These pages will only get you started. After a while you will discover ways or workarounds that work better for you.

So you want to make paint drops dance,…?

So you want to make a mess and splash about a bit?


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