About me

My name is Wim van Bezouw and I am a fanatical amateur photographer with a preference for high-speed and macro photography.

I was born in Breda in the Netherlands but now I live in Rijen, about 12km from my birthplace. I live there with my wife Lyn and I work in IT, purchasing and quality control for a wholesale company in all sorts of products for the building trade.

I photograph a variety of subjects. Flowers, insects but also architecture and landscapes. Macro and high-speed photography certainly have my preference. To me it’s a challenge to capture details that you can hardly see with the naked eye.

It is fascinating to see how glasses, balloons or eggs burst when I shoot them with an air pressure gun. I love to capture the details of what takes place too quickly for the human eye to see. But you understand that if you shoot a glass of wine or a balloon filled with coloured water, it will make a bit of a mess.
Anyway, it is usually worth it. (although my wife sometimes disagrees,...)

On the page 'Pluto' I tried to explain how I use the Pluto Trigger for my high-speed projects.


Wim van Bezouw
Stormstraat 3
5121 TJ Rijen
The Netherlands